College Counselors’ Top Tips for Students Applying for Federal Jobs

About one-fourth of US college students list government as one of their three major targeted employers, according to the 2013 Student Survey. Yet just 8.5% of all federal workers are younger than 30...a crucial strategy for bringing more young people in is strengthening their understanding of the fed’s application process.
The Resume Place – publisher of the new Student’s Federal Career Guide, 3rd edition and a certifying trainer on the federal hiring process – recently talked with federally trained career counselors at two colleges. Tamara Golden at the University of California, San Diego and Emily Gomez, MS at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill shared tips for getting the inside edge in the federal job market.

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The New Insider Guide to Student Fed Careers Released as Report Predicts Wave of Skyrocketing Fed Retirement

A stunning Government Accountability Office report ... predicts that more than a third of career fed-workers will be eligible to retire by 2017. "Their retirement could produce mission critical skills gaps if left unaddressed," the GAO concluded.
"These findings shows that the government will need to hire young people and new grads to move toward the future," observes leading fed jobs expert Kathryn Troutman. Her revised and updated 3rd edition of The Student’s Federal Career Guide has just been released.
"This guide is a must-have if you want to be among the chosen ones who are hired by the feds,"