How to Write an Accounting, Budget, or Auditing Federal Resume

Insights and tips for ensuring your resume is on target!
Job opportunities for financial professionals are abundant in the federal government. Why? Because financial professionals are essential to the operations of virtually every government agency.. .
Regardless of whether you are a private sector financial professional seeking your first federal job or a current Federal employee seeking a promotion, you must ensure you include the right keywords for your target series in your resume. Believe it or not there is a distinction between positions in the Accounting & Budget series.

What a Federal Resume IS and IS NOT

A Federal Resume Is NOT:
  • A life history of all of your jobs
  • Two-page private sector resume with bullets
  • Functional resume
  • Old school “Resumix” big block resume
  • Combination functional and chronological
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • One-page resume
Federal Resumes Should NOT Include:
  • Two columns of text at the top of the resume with generic skills
  • Long summary narratives at the top of the resume with generic skill statements

How to Create Outstanding Keyword Headers for Your Outline Format Federal Resume

Here is something we have heard many times from misinformed federal jobseekers and even federal resume writers:
"I still employ the ‘include the kitchen sink’ approach as I assume that the USAJOBS resumes are still first being read by computers."
No, no, no, no, and no.
Federal resumes are read by actual people, not computers. Writing your federal resume for a computer and not a human will in most cases put you out of the running for the job.