Choose Your Career Before You Pick a College Major

The 2010s labor market will not be forgiving to the millions of young people — including hundreds of thousands of veterans — who choose a college major without having chosen a career with the help of a professional advisor.
About 44 percent of recent college graduates were underemployed in 2012, up from 38 percent in 2007 . . .  In addition, some 19 percent of underemployed recent college graduates were working only part-time in 2012.
And for veterans — whose military service has delayed their post-secondary education even as many start their own families — it’s especially risky to embark on college without a career plan.

Spring Break is for Colorful Resume Writing!

Top Tips:
    Creating Your First Resume book
  • Find one or two job announcements to compile some keywords and skills
  • Look at the sample resumes in the Creating Your First Resume resume book
  • Go to and copy and paste your resume into the builder system
  • Select your template based on your mood for the day – structured, colorful, two-columns, graphs, charts, logos or traditional

How to Write an Accounting, Budget, or Auditing Federal Resume

Insights and tips for ensuring your resume is on target!
Job opportunities for financial professionals are abundant in the federal government. Why? Because financial professionals are essential to the operations of virtually every government agency.. .
Regardless of whether you are a private sector financial professional seeking your first federal job or a current Federal employee seeking a promotion, you must ensure you include the right keywords for your target series in your resume. Believe it or not there is a distinction between positions in the Accounting & Budget series.