Ten Steps to a Federal Job for Students!

1. Use your network
Networking helps you learn the hiring process, hear about jobs about to be posted and learn more about agency missions and cultures.

2. Find your agency
You can choose an agency by their mission, geographic location or number of jobs available.

3. Learn about Internships
Internships in government are actually paid, entry-level jobs.

4. Understand Federal Jobs
If you are about to graduate from undergraduate school you are probably a GS-5 or GS-7, which means you can earn from $23,000 to $38,000 per year.

5. Find Federal Job listings
To begin, check out usajobs.opm.gov and search with the keyword “student.”

6. Write your Federal resume
Forget what you learned about one-page resumes! Your resume needs to be detailed and comprehensive.

7. Write your KSA’s and cover letter
KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. KSA’s are mini-essays about your experience.

8. Apply for jobs
Get noticed by automated, online systems! Use keywords from the job description in your resume.

9. Track and follow-up

Be patient. The government hiring process is much longer than in private industry.

10. Interview
Use the format for KSA’s to give meaningful examples: Context, Action, Result and Challenge.

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